Tips to choose a theme for your wordpress powered blog.

With wordpress as a blogging platform you have lot of themes to choose from, choosing a theme is a tough job with thousands of themes around. Here are some tipsto help you choose a theme for your blog. Decide a colour scheme for your blog. Colours speak a lot of emotions so choose them with

Changing File Permissions via FileZilla

File Permissions affect the capability of users or group of users to Read, Write or Execute files. They define who or what can read , write or execute the files or directories.

Different files need different file permissions to do the work they are programmed to do.

The File Permissions can be easily changed by using FTP Clients such as FileZilla.

SEO: Get your blog indexed at all major search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must to-do if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. In this post you will be learning how to get your site in the index/directories of the top 4  search engines: Google Yahoo Windows Live/MSN Ask Google The simple first steps to get your site

Adding Custom CSS and JavaScript to your wordpress posts.

You may use different HTML elements like lists, tables, paragraphs on your post and it’s quite possible that you want the element to look differently in different context. There are two ways to achieve this Add a class for each post in the style sheet of your theme. If you have some 20+ posts with

Get Approved for Google Adsense

You get money from adsense only if you have a decent traffic. There’s no point in applying for it immediately after you setup your website as you are most likely to end up with your account being rejected if you apply immediately after setting up your website without any content. Google’s AdSense Program Policies and

Make your blog 100% Secure

Security of a blog is the major component of blog management. By securing your blog, you mean that your blog is safe from intrusion by hackers and other badmen who want to intrude into your blog and put some malicious content on your Blog. Security should be the major cause of concern for the blog

Immediate things to be done after installing wordpress

This post is written targeting the budding bloggers participants,  all the points except 1,3 are applicable to any general blog. Save your ftp login details carefully. Backup the wp-config file in the blog directory. Create a administrator account for your self from the temporary administrator account we provide, and delete the temporary administrator account. Update

Using Fireftp and filezilla to upload files onto your webserver

FTP clients are softwares used for managing files on the server, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This is the most common method to uplaod files on to your webserver. In this article, you’ll be learning to install, configure and use two of the pouplar FTP Clients FireFTP FileZilla Lets start out with FireFTP… FireFTP is

Maximize your chances of getting selected.

We really felt the need for this post after getting some crappy applications. There were 20+ applications the first day and none were selected. They are the kind of people who would stretch their hand at everything that is called free, without even bothering to know what it is. So if you are one of them please do us a favour by not applying.

Two main factors that we take into consideration while selecting you for this sponsorship program are

  1. Your writing skills and your knowledge in your field.

Read further to find out what we look for in an applicant..