Get Approved for Google Adsense

You get money from adsense only if you have a decent traffic. There’s no point in applying for it immediately after you setup your website as you are most likely to end up with your account being rejected if you apply immediately after setting up your website without any content.

Google’s AdSense Program Policies and the Terms and Conditions are probably two of the most informative articles that you must read before applying for adsense.

How long should i have to wait before applying for adsense?

There’s nothing like you must wait for 30 days or 90 says before you can apply for adsense, the only thing is you should have decent content on your blog/website and have some decent traffic. Once approved into adsesne you can use the same publisher ID to display ads on multiple websites. So if you have a aged blog with some traffic on blogger or any other network apply with that url.

Tip: Blogger blogs are easily approved.

If you are previously banned from adsense for click fraud

Google takes click fraud very seriously, if you are previously banned from adsense for click fraud, then apply with a different name, email address and residence address. It’s always tempting for new bloggers and webmasters to click their own ads and asking friends to click on their own ads, don’t ever do that. You will be banned for life time for doing so.

Adsense is like a duck laying golden eggs, handle it with care.


Make sure that your content is in compliance with adsense program policies. You may apply with a site that is in compliance with adsense and later use that account to publish ads on all your other sites.

Note: Google verifies all the sites on which your ad code is displayed  manually and may ban your account or domain from adsense if they are not in compliance with their program policies.


You must be 18 years or older to apply for adsense. If you are not above 18 years you can apply with your elder bro or dads name.

Get a adsense account without having a website

If you haven’t created an Adsense account before, then apply through HubPages. Google will approve your account before you even need to write or publish any content.

That’s right, no need to create content before applying to Google Adsense when you’re applying through HubPages.

Read the Hubpages FAQ here.

Sign up for Hubpages here.

Once you’ve registered a Hubpages Author account go to Affiliate Settings (it’s in your My Account page, under Affiliate Settings).

On the “Affiliate Settings” page you’ll see next to where it says “Adsense” a link to “Sign Up”. It will then ask “Do you already have a Google AdSense account?”. If you say yes, it’ll ask for your Publisher ID and then in a few simple steps you will have linked and activated your Adsense Publisher ID to your Hubpage account. However you’re here to start an account, so select No.Tick the box for “I have read and understand Google’s terms of service” and click the button “Signup for AdSense” and away you go!

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  1. I have gud contents,and some traffic but even though i apply for adsense twice there is no reply frnm them. . .What can i do,to get an adsense for me pls help me frnds!

  2. Good post, but I applied twice through Hubpages but didn’t got it approved. But when I used a U.S address I got approved in just 24 hours! But soon after 28 days, they banned me saying that they want to take care of the safety of their adwords users.

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