Instructions to update to wordpress 2.8 without any down time and trouble

WordPress 2.8 was released a day before, i’m sure most of you want to upgrade to the latest version of wordpress. Here are the instructions on upgrading to wordpress2.8 with out any downtime or hastle.

You can update from your dashboard directly like you install a plugin, It’s very simple. WordPress is gettting better day by day and the improvement is exponential 🙂 . Follow the below instructions if this doesnt work for you. Before anything backup your wordpress database.

  1. Backup the wordpress database through your cpanel or by using this database backup plugin
  2. Now delete all the files except, wp-content folder and wp-config.php
  3. Replace the above deleted files with the files from wordpress2.8.

Here are some common mistakes done by bloggers while upgrading.

  1. Deleting all the wordpress installation folder. This way you will loose your wp-content folder, where your themes,plugins and the uploaded files are stored. You need not upgrade this folder. So dont ever delete it.
  2. Are you looking for your posts in the installation folder?? They can not be found there, they are stored in your sql database. In order to backup your posts you have to backup your database. You will not loose your posts if you delete your wordpress install directry or mess with it. So dont worry as long as your database is safe and you have its details.

4 Replies to “Instructions to update to wordpress 2.8 without any down time and trouble”

  1. I and srikar had immediately upgraded when it was released without any problem and downtime anywaysz nice tutorial may help some bb’s 😉

  2. Thanks for this wonderful advice! I recently upgraded to wordpress 2.8 and this post has been helpful in guiding me through the upgrade.

    Thanks and more power!

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