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Get free Domains and ad free hosting
Get free Domains and ad free hosting

The major problem one faces in the initial days of his/her blogging career is lack of domain name and hosting. You may have the money to buy your own domain name and hosting  but you will not have it in the form which the seller accepts.

At some point of time you will surely decide to move to your own domain name, and you will realise that most of the time you have spent so far on your blog at blogger.com or wordpress.com is wasted. I faced  this problem and many top bloggers have been through this, we will not let that happen to you.

Another problem you face is lack of guidance. One may say Google is your best guide, but its hard to find the relevant results and the information may not be accurate with lot of seo’s working to game the search engine algorithms.

We are taking an initiative to help new bloggers through our “Budding Bloggers” program. We will be providing you with free domain name, ad free hosting and guide you through the process of building your blogging career.

Selection Criteria

Selection is purely based on your writing skills. If you have a blog, we will go through your blog or you have an option to submit 2 articles in the application form. If you have done any freelance writing, link to that post will do.

How to apply
Applying is pretty simple, just fill in the application form and we will review it ASAP.

Apply for a free domain and ad free hosting

NOTE: Please read the program guidelines and  TOS (Terms Of Service) before applying.
Read the following page for more information on filling the application and to know what we look for in a applicant.

Maximize your chances of getting selected.

What you get from this sponsorship program

  1. One domain pre installed with a wordpress powered blog.
  2. 200 MB Hosting Space.
  3. 10 GB Bandwidth.
  4. 1 MySQL Database (applicant can request a add on).
  5. 1 FTP (applicant can request a add on).
  6. You can use Gmail with your domain, we will configure it for you.
  7. Custom reviews of your design.
  8. Adsense optimization for maximum profits.
  9. Search engine optimization services.

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Comparison with other blog services
Can I monetize my blog?? Can I use adsense on my blog??

Yes,you can monetize your blog. We allow you to put ads like  adsense,chitika,Clicksor,adbrite or any network you choose. You can also write sponsored posts.

Are there any hidden costs??

Absolutely no, If you are selected we give you a free domain name and hosting with no hidden costs.

Still have a question?

Please do not hesitate to drop me an email at “Satish[at]buddingbloggers[dot]com” With the Subject “BB Help”.

Program Participation.

Participation in the Program is subject to our prior approval and Your continued compliance with the Program Guidelines (”Program Guidelines“), located at http://buddingbloggers.com/blog/program-guidelines/, and or such other URL as we may provide from time to time. We reserve the right to refuse participation to any applicant not following the program guidelines.

*Terms and Conditions apply.