Maximize your chances of getting selected.

We really felt the need for this post after getting some crappy applications. There were 20+ applications the first day and none were selected. They are the kind of people who would stretch their hand at everything that is called free, without even bothering to know what it is. So if you are one of them please do us a favour by not applying.

We get lot of applications every day. We don’t have the enough man power to reply to crappy applications.I have given my staff strict instructions to not to forward me the applications that are incomplete and inaccurate. Incomplete applications will never reach my desk and never be reviewed.

Two main factors that we take into consideration while selecting you for this sponsorship program are

  1. Your writing skills and your knowledge in your field.
  2. Your writing skills and your knowledge in your field.

Your selection will be based on the content in your current blog or the blog posts you write. These two fields help us know your writing skills. If you don’t give us a url to your blog or submit your posts, we cannot know your writing skills and we are left with no choice but to send your application to trash.
Can I submit a url to my blog and the posts??
Yes, you can submit your blog url and blog posts to maximize your chances of getting selected.
Minimum and maximum length of sample posts??
There is no maximum and minimum length for the posts, two decent 300 word articles should get you selected.

Another major factor that influences your selection is this question.
Tell us about your experience in the topic you choose to blog about, and tell us why we should select you??
Your answer to this question tells us how motivated you are about blogging. If you don’t know why we should select you then don’t bother to apply.
Why do we ask Age,Gender, Address, Education??
We ask these questions to know more about our participants and for administrative purposes. Your answers to these questions have no weight in the selection procedure.
FYI: There are no age restrictions for this program.
How to select the domain name??
.Com domains are always the best domains, try to pick a .com domain name. please check if the domain you asked for is available before applying for it.

Please note that domains like,, will not be selected. Don’t associate your name with the domain.
You can check the domain availability here

These resources should help you in choosing your domain name.

Good Luck

Satish Gandham

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